Monthly Archives: July 2010

Dynamic reflection

What keeps you going? It is a common question volleyed towards teachers and is often answered with jokes and trite responses. I do not buy any of them, though I am guilty of using some of those old war horses from time to time. Three things: June, July, and August I do it for the […]

The Talent scout: A protected species

Danger is not a word that you often hear when talking about talent, is it?  How about cavalier? Thoughtless? You may not consider it an insult for someone to quip that it all comes to you so naturally, right? It sounds like such a lovely statement.  You were born with a gift, you are talented. […]

Personal myths-personal cages

My grandmother is a saint. My father works harder than anyone. My mother pulled herself up by her bootstraps against all odds. My uncle is a brilliant mind who retired at 50, or was it 45? My friend Matt is a fount of knowledge who never forgets anything. My wife is the most organized person […]

Black. White. Alaska. Russia.

Black is not the opposite of white. Think about it. Think about how we learn things.Think about the developmental level you had attained when you first learned about the colors black and white. You, like the rest of us, were told that they are opposites. When you moved into upper grades, you were given additional […]