Monthly Archives: August 2010

5 Big Teacher Misbehaviors that will Haunt you

When I sat down with high school students to find out what teachers do to demonstrate a lack of Expertise, I was impressed by the astute observations that were provided. Drumroll… 5. Disorganized: Gone are the days of the disheveled genius; the offbeat, yet brilliant mind wearing yesterday’s suit and tomorrow’s socks. Einstein would not […]

Fires in the Mind–a review

Kathleen Cushman starts a lot of fires. She and I exist on opposite sides of a similar plane and that is a good thing. We had the opportunity to Skype a few months back so that we could share about our research. A common comment overheard during our conversation was “Yeah, I don’t do that” […]

I hate commercials

Easy targets. Trite complaints. Broken records. They are powerful because they resonate. I now have your attention and your (at least) leaning towards being on my side. You may have heard salesmen use the Feel, Felt, Found method of developing affinity with current/future clients. They understand how you feel and they have felt that way […]

Pedagogy. Andragogy. Adolgogy?

I have been banging the drum for some time and will continue to do so to the end of Reclaiming the Nomenclature. The first iteration of this phrase gets a rare nod and mostly puzzled looks. Well, sure, people do not use the term nomenclature much these days but I have always been fond of […]