Monthly Archives: November 2010

No, #Reform is Not “trending”

You know, there are a handful of things that drive me nuts. Okay, fine, maybe more than a few. But in regard to #EdReform, there are a few. When talking about #EdReform, some folks feel compelled to either brag or complain about the school that they attended…in the 80s. Right, Men Without Hats was awesome […]

If You’ve Got a Fashion for Passion… (an agony in 3 fits)

Fit the first: “I wish I had her PASSION.” Passion is a perception. Passion is an excuse. Passion is a lie. Passion is what lazy people call a work ethic so they are not expected to have to do it. Passion mystifies and obfuscates the real issues in play when someone does something well. The […]

Quatuor pour la fin du temps

When Olivier Messiaen was imprisoned in a German concentration camp during World War II, he found among his number three other musicians. Olivier had at hand a clarinet, violin, and cello, along with himself at the piano. With this awkward quatuor, he wrote what may not be his most beautiful piece, but arguably his most […]

You Must Be Certain of the Devil

It was Diamanda Galas who sang it. Admittedly, I had a crush on her in college. For years I did not even know what she looked like, but it was her voice. She boasts a 4 octave range. She sings in Greek, Latin ,and sometimes in English. She played piano, for a time in the […]