Monthly Archives: February 2012

Early Expertise: Gumming up the Works

As parents, teachers, and mentors we have a strong influence on children. In their pre-adolescent years, parents are the single most significant influence on the lives of their children. Beyond that, there are competing influences of teachers and friends. Once adolescence kicks in, we all lose out to peer influence. It is arguable about whether […]

Building The Place Where You Learn

Many years ago, in another life, I had the distinct pleasure of working as a musician for a dance company. We traveled west to a place called Arcosantiin the Arizona desert not far north of Phoenix close to the semi-well known ghost town of Jerome. For 10 days or so we lived, danced, hiked, and […]

Assessment Pt. 2: Problems of Scale

Measurement is a curious thing. Everyone is talking about it. A lot of people are doing it. With all that talk and all that measurement, it causes even more people to do it. I mean, it must be important, right? Contagious shooting. Offsides. They jumped first. We all jumped. Strong words. Actions. Open doors. Imply […]