Bell the Cat

Prejudices. Preferences. Likes. Dislikes. Individual differences.

Choice. Leanings. Desires. Loves. Hates.

What is it about you? What is wrong with you?

Could it be…your brain? Yes.

Keep this thing under wraps. And don't tell it I told you that.

Is it possible that your brain is making decisions without you? Is it possible to derail that process? What is it that causes you to walk by a book on a shelf with no interest or a food on any given day? A friend told me that she read a book on Kindle that she would never have picked up at the bookstore because it was too long. Accidental hack.

How is it that your friends are friends with people whom you cannot tolerate? How can we hack the mind if the mind is the gatekeeper of thought and self?

You could attempt to change your behavior but is the mind simply allowing the change to occur? It is not as if you are keeping a secret from yourself.

What relevance does this have for education and Expertise? Are there methods that you can use to hack the mind and what are the possible outcomes? Perhaps you could unlock something wonderful. Perhaps you get the blue screen of death. Maybe you will be bricked. Then what? Hard reset?

Can you bell the cat? Work when the mind is not looking. When the focus is on your subversive activities, play it cool. Real cool. Nothing to see here.

Possible ideas for a mind coup:

  • eat food you don’t like
  • restrict input of pleasurable activity
  • read, explore, and discuss topics that do not interest you
  • change your dominant hand

Can you think of others?

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