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Supporting creativity Pt. 7

Learn a language. Learn a lot of them. There are some words that are far too weak to use and require reconsideration. Other languages have much better words. They sound better. More accurate. Beautiful. Hear them and wonder why we have to even translate. So many borrowed words already, what’s a few more? Several years […]

Supporting creativity Pt. 6

The first time I have been moved nearly to tears by dance was in college. I have explained the tunnel vision of audience participation before. This lucid state was, is, like a drug to me. Attention. Do I have your attention? Yes. Now don’t anyone mess it up. Life became exciting. Busy. Graduation. Work. Busy. […]

Supporting creativity Pt. 5

Much like the work in Principles of Uncertainty, chaos over time becomes pattern. That is just the way it is. Years ago, my wife and I had one of those inexpensive sound spa units in our bedroom. The allure of napping by a babbling brook. You know. Like you used to do? Well. I came […]

Supporting creativity Pt. 4

Uncertainty. That is an excellent word to describe the research inspired by particle accelerators. Particles. Fast particles. 50 drummers. 25 dancers. 2 video artists. Chaos? Maybe. Until you start to see the patterns emerge. The relationships evolve. Suddenly a tragic story or exciting invitation. Audience members at the public performance were compelled, almost spiritually, to […]