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What does it mean to be an Expert in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Expertise, that is superlative levels of skill in a particular area, has been studied since the late 1800s and in more recent years has become of much greater interest. As a graduate student and now as a researcher and full time faculty member, I have spent my time looking at various areas where Expertise plays […]

I’m Dr. SPOCC I’m here to rock, y’all

This is by no means a rant or a war. I have no interest in arguing count pointercount. That being said, many of us are able to come to some manner of agreement about the sorts of education and educational contexts that are best for students. There is give and take.  If we were to […]

Tied up, Dried up, Dead to the World

Happiness. For some, elusive or impossible. Others–like me–a permanent state. I admit it. For all I may attempt to create as the tough front and the rough exterior, I am probably the happiest person you (do not) know. There is not much that bothers me. I have a good feel for what can be changed […]

Building The Place Where You Learn

Many years ago, in another life, I had the distinct pleasure of working as a musician for a dance company. We traveled west to a place called Arcosantiin the Arizona desert not far north of Phoenix close to the semi-well known ghost town of Jerome. For 10 days or so we lived, danced, hiked, and […]