On My Desk

Found around my desk:

August 31, 2013

commemorative Flyers hockey pucks

multicolored UniBall pens (not those yucky gel pens)

Robert Johnson — The Complete Recordings collection

Dealing with People You Can’t Stand — Brinkman & Kirschner

Not Dead Yet — The Jason Becker Story

1,000 count value size Ibuprofen

SuperCissus Rx

Serrapeptase enzyme

now you know

May 15, 2013

Metamorphosis     Kafka

Subliminal     Mlodinow

The Flame Alphabet     Marcus (again)

Marshall McLuhan: You know nothing of my work!     Coupland

October 1, 2012

What it Takes to Become a Chess Master     Soltis

Three Uses of the Knife    Mamet

Understanding Media     McLuhan

December 16, 2011

Robin D. G. Kelley     Monk

Frank Brady     Profile of a Prodigy

Albert Bandura     Self Efficacy: The Exercise of Control

Alan Garnham     Artificial Intelligence: An Introduction

Marshall McLuhan     Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man

Akira Miyake and Priti Shah     Models of Working Memory

B.F. Skinner     Beyond Freedom and Dignity

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