Supporting creativity Pt. 8

This is the end. Beautiful friend. This is the end. My only friend, the end.

This evening finding myself writing the last of my posts in this series.
Finding myself.
Finding myself writing.
Finding myself.

My relationship with dance has been pervasive and thorough. Filling. Fulfilling.
Every aspect of it soup to nuts. I love sitting in a rehearsal, listening to a proposal, setting up the technology, raising funds, meeting audience and supporters, writing letters, and talking about this amazing cadre of performers who are Miller Rothlein. I think you would too.

Expressive movement is transformational. Seeing it will change you. Doing it changes everything.

Generate Degenerate Excerpt from MILLER ROTHLEIN (MIRO) on Vimeo.

This evening I ask that you find what moves you and support it.

Become a microphilanthropist.

Set aside ten or twenty dollars a month and give it to a dance company.

Personally, I would like it to be Miller Rothlein.
Honestly, I only care that you give. We learn, we challenge, we teach, we give to one another.

The PLAN–Personal Learning Arts Network.

What would you pay? What is it worth?

What would it be worth if you knew that without you, it would disappear? That is always a possibility.

The visual silence would be deafening.

Could you, would you, give the price of your lunch or dinner today?
Match the cost of your coffee this week? Donate the cost of a ticket to a fundraiser?

Click here to give something that I promise will be appreciated

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