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The Myth of Reflection?

Think… Do you believe that you are capable of objectivity? Do you believe that you can answer that question objectively? Reflection is something that is expected of the educator. Expected to the point that it may be impossible. For the most part, reflection is discussed more than it is taught. Discussed far more than it […]

What of the Prodigy?

“Interested, valued, encouraged, supported, trained.” In the case of “prodigies,” this usually ends with “bored. quits.” Or leveled out–regressing to the mean. #Expertise It seems that when someone wants to argue Expertise, they bring the prodigy to the table. What of the prodigy?¬†They argue. The Prodigy did not practice for all these hours. The Prodigy […]

It’s the stupid, Stupid.

It is time to stop looking at Education as a character in threadbare clothing who needs a makeover. There is no level of dressing, redressing, or repair that will improve this image or its effects. Education is sick with a disease. Education has a bad case of STUPID. We have to get rid of the […]

Tacit Knowing in Digital realms

Tacit knowledge can be a hard nut to crack. The elusive nature of a definition creates an informational onomatopoeia of sorts. In short, tacit knowledge is the information that is built into everyday life. For the industrial designer, tacit knowledge may be a well designed tool. For the athlete, tacit knowledge is shaking off a […]