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Assessment Pt. 2: Problems of Scale

Measurement is a curious thing. Everyone is talking about it. A lot of people are doing it. With all that talk and all that measurement, it causes even more people to do it. I mean, it must be important, right? Contagious shooting. Offsides. They jumped first. We all jumped. Strong words. Actions. Open doors. Imply […]

It’s the stupid, Stupid.

It is time to stop looking at Education as a character in threadbare clothing who needs a makeover. There is no level of dressing, redressing, or repair that will improve this image or its effects. Education is sick with a disease. Education has a bad case of STUPID. We have to get rid of the […]

Black. White. Alaska. Russia.

Black is not the opposite of white. Think about it. Think about how we learn things.Think about the developmental level you had attained when you first learned about the colors black and white. You, like the rest of us, were told that they are opposites. When you moved into upper grades, you were given additional […]