Imagine you are standing on the rail of a set of train tracks and your best friend is standing on the other rail. You face each other and smile. If you are are lucky, perhaps you can touch or even hold hands. Not likely. You see, train tracks have a purpose. They are for travel. They have a destination. If you are on them, you are going somewhere.

Mind the gap, Jacques.

I like to think about relationships this way. Work, learning, love. All about relationships. All about perspective. Goals. Finding commonality.

You see, whether you are standing on those tracks with your friend, co-worker, or the love of your life you will notice something. If you focus on where you are, you will see the distance between you.

Four feet and eight inches. 

Raise your eyes and see what happens when you focus on the destination. That distance closes and those parallel lines meet. Next time you find that there is distance between you and the important people in your life, ask yourself if you have lost focus on the things that you had in common when you first met. Set your eyes on those loves that you had at first, those things that drove you to be what you are. Those things that drew these wonderful people into your life in the first place.

Look to the goal and close those distances.

oh the trains they have the numbers
the nicknames and the nights
they know it’s ok
to run away and cry

 Working together is how we meet.

A shared mission is how we understand one another.

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