If You’ve Got a Fashion for Passion… (an agony in 3 fits)

Fit the first:

“I wish I had her PASSION.”

Passion is a perception. Passion is an excuse. Passion is a lie. Passion is what lazy people call a work ethic so they are not expected to have to do it. Passion mystifies and obfuscates the real issues in play when someone does something well. The myth is created that that you have it or you do not; that when you find it, you will be happy and maybe even successful. You might become popular or well-known. Passion makes a bad friend and will not keep you company. Passion is fickle and has no time for your procrastination. If you recognize someone has Passion, you are not doing the things you need to do. Passion is a veil to those who do not have it and blinders to those who do. Want to know the secret? Get to work.

Fit the second:

Above all things, Passion is a construct. Passion is a  set of observable behaviors which means that it is a decision. Passion alienates and forces decisions. You see, it is never the case that passionate people cause others to step up their game. It is often that the bored, the lame, and the procrastinators will eventually wear down the passionate one. They will be eaten alive. Swallowed whole.

A little chewin’, a little tenderizin’, and down ya go.

Fit the third:

Passion can be imitated but not sustained. Passion is its own fuel and its own fire but it can be so easily extinguished. So what can you do about PASSION? Define it. People who are Passionate have things in common.

Want some fuel for your fire?

  • Know your stuff–somebody has to
  • Listen to everyone, believe no one–AKA “Trust but verify”
  • Smile–there is a fine line between passionate and angry
  • Get some sleep–you need it, or, you will
  • Keep your focus narrow–some people start with broad ideas. Don’t.
  • Work as if it all depends on you–collaborate because it does not
  • Put other people first–because it is the right thing to do
  • Keep your life in order–so you can put others first
  • Do not talk about what you are going to do–your work speaks for you

These ideas are not exhaustive, nor do they do not work for everyone. Make your own.

This blog post first appeared as a guest post at http://www.angelamaiers.com/2010/11/passiondriven-conversations-guest-blogger-david-d-timony.html

Thanks to Angela Maiers for the guest blog opportunity.

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One Comment

  • As a person who is diagnosed with
    manic-depression I know the ups
    and downs of ,”passion”, quite well.

    It reminds me of a previous post
    where you talked about enthusiasm
    vs. talent.

    Passion is not what I see as steady
    applied enthusiasm for a creative

    If anyone says they are passionate
    then I know they are an egomaniac
    and looking for followers to be in
    their micro-cult of personality.

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